About Manek The Ocean View

Welcome to Manek the Ocean view, the most comfortable hotel in Dwarka. At Dwarka, while you find your spiritual freedom we make sure you also gain it smoothly. The web site is our showcase of the comfort and luxury you can enjoy in Dwarka at our hotel, managed by Gopal Hospitality Services. The management offers a rare blend of excellence in service with homely feel to enjoy.

Manek The Ocean view is one of the most comfortable and excellently located hotel in Dwarka. With the view of Ocean and the temple, the hotel promises a unique and rare combination of natural view of the ocean and spiritual view of the temple.

With staff trained to serve in the manner of grand Saurashtra style, your stay at the hotel will not be just comfortable but memorable. Cozy rooms and well managed restaurant make sure you need not step out of the hotel for any need. Designed with dreams the ambience of the hotel will make you feel at home.

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